Our Mission

Craft stories. Build value. Drive impact.  

6162 Productions is a full-service video production firm specializing in strategy-driven content for maximum impact


The Problem

Lack of consumer awareness

Today’s consumers increasingly seek out opportunities for social impact. However, both new and established brands are failing to communicate their corporate citizenship in a relevant and compelling way.


More than one in two Americans engage with companies around social and environmental issues online


The Solution

Story-driven video production

6162 Productions bridges the gap by engaging the marketplace with strategy-driven content designed to resonate with consumers and allow them to engage on a deeper level with your brand.


Video is predicted to account for more than three-quarters of consumer internet traffic by 2018

About 6162 Productions

We develop relevant and compelling content to bring your corporate citizenship strategy to the forefront. As the ideal medium to communicate with an increasingly sophisticated consumer base, we create story-driven video that resonates with viewers to drive brand value. Our team has over a decade of experience working in the social impact space and our passion translates to every project we develop.

Craft stories

Create compelling, relevant videos with a wide range of applications to highlight your social impact.

Build value

Engage and attract consumers to your brand by leveraging cause marketing.

Drive impact

Strengthen social responsibility programs with increased visibility and relevance.

Meet Our Team


Michael Sharon

Owner | Director | Producer | Editor


Michael Sharon is a Denver native and has had a passion for storytelling his entire life. For over a decade, Michael has been working professionally in the film and video industry. He has a bachelor’s degree in Film/Video Production from Regis University in conjunction with Colorado Film School. His work has been featured on a national scale and he has received numerous awards for his work.
Michael specializes in video production for public and nonprofit organizations, in which he creates emotive content to aid their mission.


Frazer Lockhart


Frazer Lockhart has been working as a cinematographer and editor with clients all over the world for over seven years. Frazer has a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Production from the University of Denver. He specializes in documentary production and his work has been showcased internationally.  

Frazer is a four-time Telly Award winner for producing outstanding online video content. His storytelling abilities and eye for creating cinematic imagery makes him an invaluable asset to the team.


Sue Aaronson


Sue Aaronson started her producing career in New York City where she first developed a love for carrying projects from inception to completion. More recently, she acted as producer and marketing coordinator for a leading Denver digital media company, Placewise Media.

Sue has held a broad range of community leadership positions for organizations including local schools, the Special Olympics, Denver Zoo, and The Rose Community Foundation’s Women’s Organization. She currently serves on the board of the Mizel Arts and Culture Center.


Brian Funke


Brian is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Denver film/video production program. He is a budding filmmaker with a passion for post-production and the editing process. Brian combines his deep understanding of storytelling with his amazing eye for detail to create an effective end result.